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YouTube’s Latest Gamble: Playables To Boost Engagement

In a desperate move to increase the profitability and catch more eyeballs, Youtube has rolled out a new feature called the “Youtube Playables”. This feature is currently in beta testing and exclusively available for Premium users. This Playables has a list of more simple but addictive games. 

This is a move done by Youtube inorder to increase its revenue. Even Though youtube is the go to place for high attention video contents, the profit from Youtube is really low because of the nature of the youtube’s business. 

Youtube splits revenue 55% to the creator and 45% to itself with which, the infrastructure, the people and everything needs to be taken care of. So, Youtube has tried many ways to increase its revenue and out of which the recent move to block ad blockers has backfired and caused more bad than good. 

Now, Google has chosen another way to increase the revenue which is to increase the user retention. Which is to keep people engaged with Youtube Playables. 

YouTube Playables : A New Frontier

The recent introduction of Youtube Playables marks its foot step into the Mobile game sector within its Video-Sharing Platform. Beta testers, predominantly the Premium Youtube Users, were the first to get this Playable feature, which is designed to provide users with a range of small but captive games for quick and more engaging entertainment. 


Breaking Down the Playables Experience

YouTube Playables can be now accessed both within the YouTube app and the web version. Youtube has a dedicated section called “Playables”, where users can explore a list of games. These games are strategically selected to appeal to a broader audience with different preferences, ensuring that there is something for everyone. 

The Smartphone Gaming Market’s Evolution

The decision to introduce Playables reflects the evolving dynamics of the smartphone gaming market. Everyone who owns an Android smartphone check your Play Store games section and the Top Charts. All the games in the top chart are these small games to kill time. The success of games such as Candy Crush, Ludo, Hill climbing, etc. Has shown that the money is in the small but addictive games. 

This is the reason for youtube’s move to penetrate into this games market.

YouTube’s Strategic Move

YouTube’s decision to introduce Playables aligns with the platform’s constant efforts to increase its revenue. By introducing Playables, YouTube aims to catch more eyeballs and increase user engagement

Even though video ads are really profitable, Youtube brings just 10% of the entire Alphabet’s revenue. So, right now the playables are free but in the future Youtube might  introduce Ads into the Playables and monetize the Eyeballs. 


In summary, YouTube’s latest move, The Playables, seems to be a better move than blocking users using ad blockers. If youtube move in this direction, Its better for both users and the company.

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