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Gemini vs. GPT-4 : Launch of Google’s Gemini

After failing in the AI wave, Google decided to make a comeback with their new AI model called the Gemini. It looks like google woke up and chose violence, finally a worthy opponent for the GPTs.

The newer Gemini bot comes in 3 different modes,

  • Gemini Ultra
  • Gemini Pro
  • Gemini Base

Where The Ultra model is going to be a very computation heavy model with the most accurate responses and it is most likely going to be behind a paywall.

The Gemini pro, which will be available for the general public via the bard chat bot of google and it is going to be sufficiently capable for most tasks.

Finally, the Gemini base is designed mostly for on device tasks such as in a Smartphone, Google nest and things as such.

The gemini model is scheduled to be launched to general public by 13th December, but from the data from the google’s documentation, we have curated a comparison.

Take All These Data with a Pinch of Salt, since these are given by google and not tested yet. [ Google is google and google lies. ]

Applications and Potential Impact


Both Gemini and GPT-4 find applications across diverse fields, but their strengths cater to different domains.

Personalized Assistants
Scientific Research
Creative Industries✓ (Multimodal Capabilities)
Software Development✓ (Code Generation)
Content Creation✓ (Content Creation, Marketing)

Potential Impact

The potential impact of both models on various industries is immense. Visualized through charts, the following graph illustrates their potential influence.

Capabilities and Performance

Text Processing

Token Capacity128K64K
Language ModelingState-of-the-artState-of-the-art
Text GenerationHighly Fluent & CreativeFluent & Creative
TranslationAccurate and NaturalAccurate and Natural
Writing FormatsHighly VersatileVersatile


Image ProcessingCan Understand and GenerateLimited Image Processing Capabilities
Audio ProcessingCan Understand and GenerateLimited Audio Processing Capabilities
Code GenerationCan Generate and UnderstandLimited Code Generation Capabilities

Speed and Efficiency

ArchitectureTransformer-based with TPUv5 chipsTransformer-based with TPUv4 chips
Resource RequirementsHighHigh
Inference SpeedFasterSlightly Slower

Development and Availability

Both models are currently in the early access stage and are just offering developers a glimpse into their capabilities. 


Gemini and GPT are both capable enough and from the looks of it, Gemini seem to outperform GPT in most areas and also Gemini seem to be more accessible than the GPT. Because the GPT model on its own is not available to the general public whereas the Gemini is available to the general public right away.  

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