Tecno Spark 3 Top 10 Camera Features [Full Guide]

Tecno Spark 3 Top 10 Camera Features [Full Guide]

Tecno mobile recently released the Tecno Spark 3 smartphone as an upgrade to the Tecno Spark 2. The New Tecno Spark 3 has a 6.2-inch HD+ IPS LCD display and a 3,500mAh battery.

The smartphone comes in two models, the first which is the Tecno Spark 3 or Spark 3 lite has a MediaTek MT6580 with 1GB of RAM, 16GB of storage, 13MP rear camera with an LED flash and runs Android 8.1 Oreo with Tecno’s HiOS.

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The other model which is the Tecno Spark 3 pro has MediaTek Helio A22 SoC with 2GB of RAM and same 16GB of storage. However, it adds a secondary 2MP rear camera to support the main 13MP rear camera and runs Android 9.0 Pie with HiOS on top.

Tecno Spark 3 camera TechGuideHub

Now, these are just the specifications on paper but here, we will be listing the top 10 camera features of the new Tecno Spark 3 smartphone that you should know about.

1. Al-Beauty

Tecno Spark 3 uses AI (Artificial intelligence) to make selfies and photos taken with the smartphone come out better.

The feature will help with photos taken with the front facing camera so you can look your very best when taking selfies with the Tecno Spark 3 Camera.

2. AI-Bokeh

Bokeh, also known as portrait mode is a feature that blurs out the background of the photos in order to focus on the subject(s)/object(s).

Tecno Spark 3 uses AI-Bokeh to bring the bokeh effect to selected photos in other to focus on what really matters in the photo.


The AI-HDR on the Tecno Spark 3 helps you take photos with good dynamic range and great contrast thereby bringing out the little details in photo and helping capture more.

This feature, through AI, allows your phone to take multiple photos at once and puts them together in order to highlight and take the best parts of the picture and join them into one single great photo.

4. Passport Size Mode

The name of this feature is self-explanatory as it allows you to take passport-sized photos of yourself which might come in handy when you need to fill an online form that requires a passport sized photograph.

5. Adjustable Front Flash

Taking a selfie and closing your eyes at the very point the camera takes the photo because of the bright light from the LED flash can be pretty annoying.

That is why the Tecno Spark 3 comes with an adjustable front-facing LED flash so you can tone down the level of brightness to suit your style.

6. Touch Capture

This feature allows you to take a picture just by touching the screen of the viewfinder.

7. Auto Watermark

You can let your friends know which phone you used in taking your crystal clear photos thanks to the auto watermark on Tecno Spark 3 which automatically adds the “AI Spark 3” watermark to your photos

This feature can also be turned off in the settings menu of the camera.

8. Mirror

The Mirror Feature on the Tecno Spark 3 allows you to change the orientation of your selfies so that it doesn’t look disoriented from your normal position.

This way, you don’t need a third-party app to get this feature on your smartphone to change the orientation of your selfie before you even take the selfie.

9. Delay Capture

Selfies are great but not everyone can fit in a selfie, especially if it is a group photo of many people and you have a short hand.

Not to worry, Tecno Spark 3’s Delay’s Capture got you covered. With the delay capture, you can set a timer on the camera to anytime you want for instance 20 seconds.

Then get into position behind the camera to have your picture taken when it reaches the set timer. This is perfect for family photos where you want everyone to be in the photo.

10. Filters

Tecno Spark 3 also has tons of filter you can apply to your shots, before or after you have taken your picture.

You can go with the Black and White filter if you prefer a more retro look on your photos or go with another filter that suits the photo.

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