How to Check MTN Data Balance, Night & SME Data Plan [Full Guide]

How to Check MTN Data Balance, Night & SME Data Plan [Full Guide]

In this guide, I will show you many ways on how to check MTN data balance.

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One thing is certain for all internet users, no one wants to run out of data unexpectedly. Imagine you are streaming an important video, downloading a file or chatting with your pals and suddenly you get a notification that your data has been exhausted.

This is usually frustrating and the only way to mitigate this is by keeping track of your data usage.

One thing is inevitable and it is the fact that your data allocation will get exhausted eventually or expire once it reaches its validity period. Hence, it is very important that each user keep track of their data usage.

Monitoring your data usage is very possible on your smartphone device whether it is an Android or iOS device.

However, one method that is effective in keeping track of your data usage is by checking your data balance from time to time.

By checking your data balance regularly, you will be able to see all the information about your current data plan, the data balance, validity period as well as your bonus data balance.

The telecoms service providers in Nigeria has made it possible for their subscribers to do this. MTN, one of the top network providers has provided many ways for their users to check their data balance at any point in time.

This way you can keep track and manage your MTN data subscription more effectively.

So what are the different ways on how to check data balance on MTN?

Let’s get right to it.

How to Check MTN Data Balance

MTN has made it quite easy and straight-forward to check your MTN data balance and bonus data via USSD codes and SMS as listed in the options below.

You can try any of the MTN data balance codes below to check your data balance.

  1. Dial *131*4#
  2. Text “2” to 131
  3. Dial *559*63#
  4. Dial *559*78#
  5. Dial *559#

By using any of the above methods, a request will be sent on your MTN line to check for any existing data plan balance or bonus data you have.

Depending on the USSD code or the method you use, your data balances will be displayed to you immediately after or you will receive a text message shortly after from MTN.

The text message will contain all the information about your current data plan which includes your data balance, data bonuses and expiry date.

How to Check MTN Night Plan Data Balance

If you are not familiar with the MTN night data plan, it’s a midnight plan for MTN subscribers on the “MTN Pulse” tariff plan.

There are two night plans available, 500MB which costs ₦50 and 250MB which costs ₦25. To subscribe for the 500MB night plan, send “Nt2” to 131. To subscribe for the 250MB night plan, send “Nt1” to 131.

While this is a great data plan for night crawlers, there is no way you can check the MTN night plan data balance.

At the moment all you can get is just a notification from MTN once you are about to exhaust the night plan you opted for. You will also get notified when you finally exhasut the night plan data volume.

However, sometimes, the notification comes in late while streaming or downloading thereby burning into your active data plan subscription. So you need to watch out once you receive the first notification of your night plan data about to be exhasuted.

How to Check MTN SME Data Balance

Checking your SME is pretty easy and straight-forward. Follow the steps to below to check your MTN SME Data balance as a sponsor or beneficiary.

  1. On your smartphone device, dial *461*2# and follow the on-screen prompt.
  2. Next, you will select option 3 which is “Check Balances”
  3. Next, select option 1 if you are sponsor or option 2 if you are a beneficiary to check our SME data balance.


There you have it, every possible way on how to check data balance on MTN in order to keep track and manage your data plan.

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